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*Postponed* 2021 National Jr. Bowling Tournament

17 Sep 2021 @ 6:00pm CDT
15 Oct 2021 @ 7:00pm CDT

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The name of the annual bowling meet shall be the AMERICAN TURNERS NATIONAL JUNIOR BOWLING MEET FOR BOYS AND GIRLS.


The purpose of the annual bowling meet shall be to foster the spirit of good fellowship, and to encourage bowling among the junior boys and girls of the American Turner Societies.




The annual bowling meet shall be governed by the National Bowling Committee, which may delegate functions to the National Bowling Chairman and its individual members.


(See last annual report of the American Turners for names, addresses and telephone numbers of members of this committee.)




The National Bowling Committee was authorized by the 45th Convention, convening in Cleveland, OH, August 18 to 21, 1954, with the chairman as a member of the National Council. revised 1957, paragraphs 70, 71, 72, and 73.




The National Committee on Bowling shall consist of at least one member who is an active bowler (a member who participates in National Bowling Tournaments) from each district of the American Turners, appointed by the National Council upon recommendations of their respective districts, and must be replaced if district chairman misses attendance in two consecutive tournaments.  These members shall be known as District Members of the National Bowling Committee.  Meetings of this committee may be called by the National Council upon recommendation of the chairman of the committee.  The National Council shall keep, preserve, and have custody of the records and files of this committee.


The function of the National Bowling Committees shall be:


  1. To formulate rules and regulations subject to the approval of the National Convention, by which the annual bowling meet shall be governed.
  2. To enforce among the junior members of the American Turners the bowling rules of the American Turners and to exercise and discharge all the powers and duties required by Statutes of the American Turners.
  3. To conduct an annual junior boys and girls singles bowling meet in the following divisions            


                        3A. Boys and girls to use the USBC ten pin handicap tables with 90% handicap using the following Average Divisions and handicap base:


                                    Division                       Average                       Handicap Base

                                         1                             156 -200                                  200

                                         2                             126 - 155                                 155

                                         3                               96 - 125                                 125

                                         4                               95 & under                            95


3B. Bumper bowling for ages 8 years old and under as of Aug. 1st shall be actual 

       pin fall of the two games.             


  1. To encourage and foster among junior members of the American Turners a

feeling of good fellowship and to have general care and supervision over all National Junior Bowling meets of the American Turners, and all matters within its jurisdiction, to discharge the duties required of them by the Statutes of the American Turners.




Only juniors of the age of 20 and under as of Aug 1, who must be members or children of American Turner members, in good standing, of the American Turners and their local society, shall be permitted to participate in the National Bowling Meet.  All children or parents of children must have been a member in good standing prior to the event registration deadline. Participants shall indicate Y if the parent is a member or N if they are an organized class member.


            Anyone holding an USBC Men’s or Women’s card is NOT eligible.


            No bowler may compete more than once in any National Bowling Tournament in a calendar year.


For failure to comply with the above provisions, the entrant may be penalized by forfeiting all rights to bowl, as well as all rights to trophies.

The cost of bowling in each community a meet is held shall govern the cost of bowling.



The National Junior Bowling Meet shall be held annually on or after February 15, but before March 15.

American Turner National Junior Bowling Meet shall be held on lanes suitable for ten-pin bowling.



All entries for the American Turner National Junior Bowling Meet shall close at midnight on February 10th prior to the opening of the meet.

(Deleted ENTRY FEE and add to here)

The National Junior Bowling Director will furnish entry blanks and score sheet will be furnished by each society participating.


            The local society chairman will be responsible for any necessary arrangements,

            scorekeepers, land and tournament arrangements.


The bowlers established average, as of January 1st, will be the entering average and will establish the division in which they will compete.  If no established average per above, then the three-game average will be established at the time of tournament bowling and will determine the division in which the will compete.


The name and average for all bowlers must be in the hands of the National Junior Bowling Director by February 10th.


            The local committee shall process all entries.




            The trophies shall be awarded on a three-game basis in each division.


After the local society has conducted the meet and compiled all the results, these figures are then forwarded to the National Junior Bowling Director who will then compile all results from all societies and announce the winners.


The National Junior Bowling Director will buy the trophies utilizing funds received from the Endowment Trust Fund.  These funds need to be requested yearly from the Treasurer of the Endowment Trust Fund.


            All trophies shall be suitably engraved.




The local society shall, as soon as possible but no later than April 1st, send to the National Junior Bowling Director the following reports:


                        Report Form  with the scores for all participants in each division.

                        A short statement of suggestions, which would help to improve future tournaments



            A report will be published in Turner Topics as the close of each meet.


            Trophies will be awarded at the ratio of one trophy for each 5 entries in each division.




            Point system will be as follows: (No less than 5 points for first place.)


                        1 trophy           - 1st 5 points                          


                        2 trophies        - 1st 5 points                            7 trophies        - 1st 8 points      

                                                   2nd 3 points                                                      2nd 6 points

                                                                                                                           3rd 5 points

                        3 trophies        - 1st 5 points                                                       4th 4 points

                                                  2nd 3 points                                                       5th 3 points

                                                  3rd 2 points                                                       6th 2 points                                                                                                                                             7th 1 point


                        4 trophies        - 1st 5 points                            8 trophies        -  1st 9 points  

                                                   2nd 3 points                                                      2nd 7 points                                                                  3rd 2 points                                                      3rd 6 points

                                                   4th 1 point                                                        4th 5 points                 

                                                                                                                           5th 4 points  

                                                                                                                           6th 3 points                 

                                                                                                                           7th 2 points

                                                                                                                           8th 1 point

                        5 trophies        - 1st 6 points                                          

                                                   2nd 4 points                           9 Trophies       - 1st 10 points

                                                   3rd 3 points                                                      2nd 8 points

                                                   4th 2 points                                                      3rd 7 points

                                                   5th 1 point                                                        4th 6 points

                                                                                                                           5th 5 points

                        6 trophies        - 1st 7 points                                                       6th 4 points

                                                   2nd 5 points                                                      7th 3 points

                                                   3rd 4 points                                                      8th 2 points

                                                   4th 3 points                                                      9th 1 point

                                                   5th 2 points

                                                   6th 1 point                 


An award will be given  to the society with the highest number of points.


17 Sep 2021 @ 6:00pm CDT
15 Oct 2021 @ 7:00pm CDT

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