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National Jahn Education Fund

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (August 11, 1778 – October 15, 1852) was a German Prussian gymnastics educator and nationalist. He is commonly known as Turnvater Jahn, roughly meaning "father of gymnastics" Jahn.

The Jahn Education Fund of the American Turners was established by an instrument dated July 13, 1925, to insure financial endowment for cultural education and the popularizing of Turner philosophy. The Board of Trustees of the American Turners Jahn Education Fund, in an effort to encourage and promote cultural activities in member societies of the American Turners, within the parameters of the National Cultural Guidelines (as enumerated on pages 17 through 19 of the “Red Book”), is offering the American Turners Jahn Education Fund (ATJEF) Cultural Activities Funding Program. The program requirements follow:

  • Funding, in the form of reimbursement, up to the sum of $2,500 will be made available for the support of cultural activity programs for any American Turner society in good standing. To qualify for said reimbursement, a request shall be submitted through the society’s District Office, with District approval, on society letterhead, approved by the society’s leadership. The request must be accompanied by receipts for expenses (materials, rentals, instructor fees, etc.), a description of the program and a roster of program participants.
  • Eligibility for activities supported by this program is open to all members in good standing, children of members and all children registered in other society programs. This funding program will be available through the calendar year ending December 31, 2009 and may be extended, or terminated, after review, at the sole discretion of the ATJEF Board of Trustees.

Any questions, concerning the provisions of this program must be sent by a Society Officer via E-mail or U.S. Mail, and addressed to one of the following:

Jim Goetz: ;or 

80-14 170 Street, Jamaica, NY, 11432


Frank C. Wedl or

1584 Fletcher Ave., N. Merrick, NY 11566









Friedrich Ludwig Jahn