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American Turners is a not for profit organization.  Throughout our rich history, we have sustained through our membership dues and donations.  Every member, no matter what society location they locally belong to, pay annual dues to support perpetuate American Turners.  The Convention body, which is the highest legislative body of American Turners, has designated different portions of the annual membership dues for specific needs and duties. 

Currently, we offer a National Scholarship, which is payable in 2-$1000 increments to approved applicants. $.50 of every paying dues member goes into the scholarship liability accounts to ensure available funds for our Junior and Senior higher education students.

American Turners also has a "Youth Transportation Fund" that is designated to assist National competition youth competitors a financial reimbursement for the hardships that may come with traveling to distant societies.  $.25 of every paying dues membership is designated for these purposes.

The National Festival, an Olympic-like event that's hosted every 4 years, is another portion of the dues.  $1 of every paying dues member is designated for costs related to this historic event. 

Donations is another portion of our survival.  We have several entities that benefit and survive from donations solely.  Some large donations began the need for specific organized bodies to control the flow of these funds.  Our Endowment Trust Fund was originally created from donations to ensure the survival of our American Turner Societies.  A committee exists to hear and vote on applications submitted for certain reimbursement needs related to athletics.  

Endowment Trust Fund

The Jahn Education Fund was created with another committee that is designated for society financial help related to Cultural needs.  

Jahn Education Fund