American Turners - A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

American Turners Endowment Trust

Officers & Trustees

 Thomas R Bozonelos, President

  • David Mulrooney, Vice-President
  • Ed Colton Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jim Goetz, Trustee
  • Marion Oppelt, Trustee
  • John Beary Jr, Trustee
  • David Liptak, National President pro tem

      The Endowment Trust was created in 1946 by authority of the 41stNational Convention of the American Turners at Indianapolis, Indiana. Its “Declaration of Trust” executed as of June 17th, 1947. The Endowment Trust is governed and administrated by six (6) Trustees, whom are elected by Delegates at National Conventions of American Turners. The terms are six (6) years each and staggered.  The National President of American Turners is the seventh voting member for as long as he/she is the current National President.  In the year of a National Convention these Trustees name their own President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary for a term of two (2) years each in the course of their annual meeting.  The National Secretary may serve as a non-elected and non-voting member of this committee.  Trustees receive no compensation other than reimbursement for expenses incurred during the performance of their office.
     The Endowment Trust derives its monies through gifts, devises, donations, bequests and investments.  It is encouraged that individuals, members, societies and districts make contributions whenever and as often as possible.  Contributions to the Endowment Trust are federally tax deductable on Federal Tax Returns of the donor.  All contributions receive printed confirmation as to the date and amount received.  Contributors names are also published in Turner Topics magazine. Please remit all Endowment Trust donations to c/o Ed Colton 1050 N. Farnsworth Ave Unit #1114 Aurora, IL 60505-2096.
      Financial offerings from the Endowment Trust are available in the form of donations, grants (for physical education equipment, computer equipment), scholarships, and other worthy causes are provided by the Endowment Trust of American Turners.  Note, loans have been temporarily suspended which are to be used for building improvements, emergency repairs, additions, etc. but not for payment of debts, taxes, payroll, etc. Annual grants are not transferable. Any unused portion of a grant will not be forwarded. No Endowment Trust Grant Application form will be honored during the month of December annualy.
      All financial assistance received from the Endowment Trust are expended for the perpetuating and pomulgating of the American Turners motto of a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.  There is no payroll, overhead is kept to a bare minimum and the only outside expenditures are for required annual auditing of our financial records, insurance and legal counsel when needed.  The annual meeting of the Endowment Trust is held jointly at the same time and location as the National Council.  Conference phone calls and computerized Skype are used to expedite items of business as needed. 
       We are always open to new ideas and suggestions as to how we may best serve the membership of American Turners. Note: any request for a grant, donation or scholarship must start with the filling out and submital of the application form and be received or post marked no later than November 30th of any given year.
                NOTE:  The following items have all been reviewed or originated with the Trustees of the Endowment Trust and passed upon as accepted by a majority vote.  All items, as presented herein, take effect on January 1.
ETF Grant Programs & Offerings: **50/50 Computer Grant, **50/50 Physical Education Equipment Grant, **Society Instructor Payroll Grant, **Safety Certification Grant, **Donation, **Wm Meyer Scholarship, **Application Form**